Forum Title: Insulating newly installed window
I just installed a new Andersen Casement Window, on the inside can I insulate w/ Low Expansion Great Stuff, or should I also use Fiberglass Insulation? My objective is for weather insulation...
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: WILLIE ROGERS (Thousand Oaks, CA), 01/12/2019

Inswing and outswing doors have very different thresholds (the metal piece at the bottom). Easy to ID with pictures (photobucket works well) Try putting some longer screws (2 per hinge, in the holes closest to the framing in the wall) for now. You could maybe take it out and re-install it, but it may look pretty bad by the time yer done. All depends on how it was installed. And yes, the frame measurement is a very good way to get the same size (correct) door.

- SARAH GONZALEZ (Laredo, TX), 02/23/2019

I agree. I like to use the DAP foam if the gap is less than 1/2 wide... but the Great Stuff Door and Window foam if the gap is greater than 1/2. The DAP is more user friendly if you get it on yourself or the window. The Great Stuff is bad news if it gets on anything. DAP foam works best when the can is fairly warm.

- DANIEL ANDERSON (Wauwatosa, WI), 02/12/2019

So Great Stuff can be used instead of Fiberglass Insulation? It is the weather side of the house... Joe

- LILLIE LYONS (Birmingham, AL), 02/16/2019

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