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I have two solid pine prehung doors (purchased at a great price) and need to install them in framing members that are 2x6, therefore I'm going to need extension jambs. The jambs don't have a recess to accept a kerf and the jamb is not wide enough to pull apart and rip one on my table saw. To make things a little more complicated, the door jamb has a slight reveal. What do I do about this since I need the pine stock to mate with the jamb perfectly since they are being stained? Should I cut or plane the jamb first so the pine stock mates without any gaps? As far as fitting the pine stock goes: The big box has this dowel kit that clamps both the jamb and the stock together then allows you to drill holes in each piece of stock ensuring the holes are lined up perfectly. This seems like it would work in theory except for the reveal on the jamb. Does anyone have any experience with this method? Are there any other suggestions besides taking the doors back and getting two that accept premade extension jambs?
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: BOBBIE RODGERS (Terre Haute, IN), 01/15/2019

Depending on the size of the window, the framing above needs extra support. Double vertical 2x4 plate may be adequte. Your PT frame can be screwed with tapcons or shot with power nails, and use the appropriate construction adhesive(Liquid Nails for wood/cement) Whether or not your window has a nailing fin will determine where the PT frame is mounted. The window should be roughly flush with the outside wall, but can be flush with the inside wall for esthetics. Once mounted, there will likely be an air space around the window, fill with DAP foam or a NON-expanding urethane foam.

- COURTNEY ERICKSON (Miami Beach, FL), 02/27/2019

Hang the door with the side the door opens towards flush with the face of the drywall. Then rip extensions whatever size is needed. Attach the extensions to the stud with nails using shims to keep it paralell to the jamb, (no dowels) leaving about 1/8 reveal between the new extension and the face of the original jamb. I assume when you say the jamb has a reveal you mean bevel. If you want you can plane off the bevel to make your jamb flat, but it is not neccessary. This procedure is done all the time and looks and works just fine.

- ERIC F (Tulsa, OK), 02/15/2019

Quote: Originally Posted by 2000 On the other hand I wouldn't spend the time nor money widening jambs if they will be stained. Pine jambs are too cheap (inexpensive), and hanging a door is too easy, to waste time and money ?making do?. And why would you extend the face side in the first place. Wider jambs are available. Not sure how this helps me since it is a prehung door and if the jamb was extended on the opening side, the lockset would strike the jamb besides the fact it would not look very nice. Also, I did mention I would like to avoid taking the doors back If you are recommending that I fabricate my own jambs, that is not an option since my finish carpentry skills brought me here in the first place.

- CHRISTIAN MILES (Vista, CA), 02/16/2019

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